Parish Council Documents

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Huntington Standing Orders (Adopted June 2015)

Code Of Conduct 2012

Huntington Parish Council Risk Assessment (Amended April 2016)  

Equality & Diversity (Jan 2015)

Community Engagement

Complaints Procedure – Huntington (March 2016)

Huntington Parish Council Publication Scheme

Donations Procedure – Huntington (Amended June 2016)

Donation Form (Amended June 2016)

Parish Council Response to Saighton Camp Planning Application

Huntington Parish Council – Jubilee Field Usage Policy (Feb 2016)

Huntington Parish Council – Jubilee Field Guidelines for Functions (updated March 2017)


2015/2016 – End of Year Accounts

Exercise of Public Rights (2015/2016)

Huntington Parish Council 2015/2016 End of Year Accounts

Huntington Annual Governance Statement 2015/2016

Huntington Annual Accounting Statement 2015/2016

(Please Note: The Governance Statement and Accounting Statement has been approved by external audit, which passed with no issues arising)

Huntington Annual and Chairman’s Report 2016

Huntington Financial Governance Policy (In addition to the Standing Orders Finance Policy) – Adopted June 2016


2016/2017 – End of Year Accounts

(Please note: The following documents have been approved by internal Audit)

Huntington Annual and Chairman’s Report including Annual Statement of Accounts 2016/2017

Huntington Annual Governance Statement (Audit Section 1) 2016/2017

Huntington Annual Accounting Statement Audit Section 2 (detailing income and expenditure 2016/2017)

Exercise of Public Rights 2016/2017

Conclusion of Audit Results 2016/2017