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15th November 2016 – 13th February 2017 – Planning Application



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15/05210/FUL – Development of 266 Dwellings – Land at Saighton Camp

15/05155/FUL – Side and Rear extension including porch – 41 Chester Rd, Huntington, Chester, CH3 6BR

15/04326 – Development of 105 Dwellings – Land at Saighton Camp

15/00089/REF – Appeal to two story rear extension – Ivy Cottage, Aldford Road, Huntington, Chester, CH3 6EA

15/03731/FUL – Single storey side extension – 18 Foxglove Close, Huntington, CH3 6DP.

15/02929/FUL – Conversion of existing garage & detached double garage – 40 Green Howards Road, Huntington, CH3 6FA.

15/03035/FUL – Single storey rear and side extensions (demolish conservatory) – 1 Cheshires Way, Huntington, CH3 6BB.

15/02831/FUL – Proposed change of use from agricultural land to car park, inclduing laying of hardstanding and associated landscaping – Land to rear The Rake & Pikel Inn, Chester Road, Huntington.

15/02777/FUL – Development of 266 dwellings inc. provision of access, open space, car parking, landscaping & associated works – Land at former Saighton Camp, Chester Lane, Huntington.

15/02503/FUL – Single storey rear extension & detached garage – 87 Chester Road, Huntington.

15/02201/FUL – Proposed single storey kitchen extension – 3 Mallow Close, Huntington.

15/02029/FUL – Replacement stock buildings – Huntington Hall Farm Aldford Road Huntington.

15/01832/FUL – Single storey extensions to front, side and rear – 39 Chester Road, Huntington.

15/01733/FUL – Loft conversion – 122 Chester Road, Huntington.

15/01601/FUL – Single storey side extension to existing bungalow – 60 Chester Road, Huntington.

15/01598/FUL – Two storey rear extension – Ivy Cottage, Aldford Road, Huntington.

15/00141/FUL – Two storey rear extension – 16 Chester Road, Huntington.

15/00415/FUL – Single storey rear extension – 32 Bachefield Avenue, Huntington.

15/00414/FUL – Single storey rear extension – 30 Bachefield Avenue, Huntington.

15/00229/FUL – Single storey rear extension – 2 Crawford Close, Huntington, CH3 6BD.

15/00051/FUL – Two storey front extension – 5 Primrose Close, Huntington.


14/05148/FUL – Single storey side extension & alterations to roof – 21 Sorrel Close, Huntington.

14/04592/FUL – Single storey rear extension and first floor side extension – 30 Bachefield Avenue, Huntington.

14/04220/FUL – Substitution of house types on plots 84 & 86 at Saighton Camp – Land at Former Saighton Camp, Sandy Lane, Huntington.

14/03612/FUL – Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of orangery to side- 5 Lupin Drive, Huntington

14/03428/TEL – Retention of existing monopole & replacement of 3 no. existing antennas for a new head frame with 6 no. antennas and 3 no. RRUs, the installation of 2 no. new equipment cabinets and development thereto – Huntington Water Treatment Works, Chester Road, Huntington

14/02841/FUL – Two temporary double classroom buildings for  period of 3 years – Huntington Community Primary School, Butterbache Road, Huntington.

14/02477/FUL – Two storey side extension – Bates Cottage, Aldford Road, Huntington.

14/02743/FUL – Side wall built up to form gable (hip roof removed), with flat roof former to rear – 72 Chester Road, Huntington.

14/01612/DIS – Discharge of conditions (various) as approved under planning permission 13/02247/OUT – Land at Former Saighton Camp, Sandy Lane, Huntington.

14/01331/FUL – Partial demolition of cattle buildings &construction of extension – Huntington Hall Farm, Aldford Road, Huntington.

14/01219/OUT – Demolition of existing buildings and development of up to 120 dwellings (C3) including access, associated open space and ancillary landscaping and car parking – Land at Former Saighton Camp, Sandy Lane, Huntington.

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